This was one of the first photos I found in the theater. It was in a box among other treasures. Two years later, it is the same – slightly lightened, without any contrast and as if making sounds. Noisy photo. But not from Shumen, but from Plovdiv, from the stairs of Kamenitza. From the depths of my own interpretations I hear shouts, joyful shouts, slogans that I miss today and jokes among colleagues. “Hey, dolls, where did you find that lion?” The photo is probably from the 90s, and the memories of some of the people who knew her say that at this procession puppet, dramatic and opera artists unite enthusiasm and turn the day of the theater into an artistic celebration of the soul, which announced the whole main and the city came to life like a carnival. I don’t know if this is the place to say how much I want to believe that one day this will happen again, or I have to keep quiet forever because the theater will become more modern, digital and adaptable to the circumstances? Or not. I hope he never adjusts, otherwise he will betray his spontaneous nature to be an individualist and a romantic despite times, manners, apocalypses.
Today the theater seems to be asleep. He dreams a dream from which he cannot wake up. We push him lightly, he stares, stares around for a moment, and turns to the other side again. “Come on, get up.

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