“Smoke in the head” is a street show – a flash mob, which emphasizes the cultural heritage and in particular the tobacco warehouses. Through the expressive means of clowning and contemporary dance, the attention of passers-by on Ivan Vazov will be attracted by the actors involved in the project. The topic is largely related to the preservation of cultural memory and the future of important buildings for the city. The attitude of the citizens is of great importance and the neglect of such important topics can lead to unfavorable results for the city. The performance does not aim to impose an opinion and present what should happen to the cultural heritage, but wants to pay attention to the way in which these important issues are addressed. We do not need to adopt the policy of the referendum in order to have the right to exercise our civil law and to express our opinion. Every society deserves the country, city or village in which it lives. Culture, art and education are the main catalysts for increasing the adequacy and activity of the human-city constellation. NGO “Theater of Responsibility” is an independent organization for contemporary theater and socio-artistic projects. Its main mission is to create a network of artistic, social and educational structures to work in partnership on various projects for positive social change.
Performers: Boris Zafirov, Savina Mitra, Dimitar Atanasov, Velizar Evtimov, Maria Dimitrova, Nikolay Shopov
Set designer: Elitsa Marinova
Director: Boris Zafirov