Here is what the manuscripts say about this person: V. Drumeva’s drama “Ivanko” has always made a strong impression on our people. And why? Is it played successfully? – Not at all, because, first and foremost, no artist exists for this drama in our country, so if We are allowed to say that it is not for the stage, but for reading. To prove this, a lot of space is needed, but in order not to be unfounded, we will cite as an example our Czech brothers who translated this only Bulgarian drama They trimmed it too much and made it accessible to the stage.The role of Isaac, Maria, the stage of the celebration in Tarnovo are things that are too difficult to present by people who are not artists.However, in such difficulty Ms. Shenka A Popova played her role so successfully that anyone who sees her on stage for the first time would think that she came from a first European theater, in the third act the scene between Maria and Ivanko, where she begs him not to kill her father, Miss Sh. Popova, deserved not only applause and applause and, but received from the grateful audience a fine bouquet of fresh flowers, two doves with tricolor ribbons, and a gold bracelet on a fine nickel basket. We are unable to describe the successful performance of her role in the cemetery when she went mad with chains. We will only say that the audience, which has seen Ms. Sh. Popova on stage for several years, remained fascinated. ” On the occasion of playing the drama “Ivanko, the killer of Asenya I” on March 16, 1889. at the Luxembourg Theater

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