The history of the Plovdiv theater, and the Bulgarian theater in general, is full of curiosities. They give the brightest and most authentic picture of the life of the theater, as it was without additional edits. They often provoke laughter and fascinate with their naivety.
„Hr. Dyukmedzhiev was so hoarse that night that he could not sing. When it was his turn to sing “Tsar le, Tsar congratulations”, he stood behind the scenes and just opened his mouth, and another sang behind the scenes. That same evening, P. Shileva’s wife and two children were present in the hall. In the 3rd act, when Asen informs Maria: “Simo is dead, child!”, P. Shilev’s wife, who knew that her husband was playing Simo, screamed, her children cried, there was a disturbance in the hall. Those close to them hurried to explain and reassure her, and after a short break, the action continued.
Again on the occasion of “Ivanko, the murderer of Asenya I”, 1889.

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