In the process of collecting archival material and researching the history of the theater, my weakness is the theme of the first theater, the International Theater “Luxembourg”. Described as a “type of medieval theater”, the hotel-theater was the first to build a stage, especially for stage activities. I received this photo from Vlado Balchev, a well-known Plovdiv researcher and a faithful partner in the unknown and murky archival fields of history. I allow myself to share a part of the letter so that you can directly feel the atmosphere and the specifics of a very small piece of the process of solving the puzzle: “I’m sending you two photos. I’m 100% sure that somewhere there is the roof of the Luxembourg Theater. Miyatev writes that the theater looked like an ordinary house. It’s a building almost in the foreground. You have to think twice. Unfortunately, all those who could give advice are no longer alive. ” Expect soon and scanned preserved architectural plan of “Luxembourg”, which is kept in the State Archives-Plovdiv and is one of the most valuable finds from 1881.

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