“My stellar tale”  a documentary

directed by Andrey Hristozov

cameraman Stefan Dimov

interviewer Boris Zafirov (Theater of Responsibility)

Scientific and educational institutions have long been a priority of the state (Bulgaria), and consequently of society. Their existence is extremely important for the culture of people’s spirituality. In our case we are witnessing a non-renewing team, whose original goal was to attract students and citizens (amateurs) from the city, the country and abroad, through their sessions on the starry sky, observation of stellar bodies and more.

A short film aimed at presenting the history and present of the largest planetarium in Bulgaria. The story is told through the eyes of the current director Mariana Hadjigencheva and Temenuzhka Nacheva – the first director of the planetarium.

The planetarium in Smolyan was visited by tens of thousands of people, and people like Steven Spielberg and Carl Sagan were interested in it. Today, interest in it is in the Red Book.