In 1908, unscrupulous criticism and obvious dissatisfaction with the repertoire. And the beginnings of the first analyzes of acting. Less fake expression, please!
“The benefits of the theater are undeniable. However, it should not be overlooked that this benefit depends on a number of conditions without which it can become a real harm or at least an empty pastime. And in that case the theater loses its cultural significance and any raison d’elre.
The repertoire of the Plovdiv troupe shows that those who composed it were a little far from this consciousness. And we do not believe that this repertoire is the result of the sincere desire of the actors, most of whom are people who deserve full respect.
So last Saturday there were two comedies (and there are others of this kind in the repertoire) that can satisfy only carefree ladies, but not a person who is looking for spiritual food in the theater. True, the theater was well attended, but to take this circumstance in favor of the choice is wrong. We are not talking about the acting. With the exception of the useless roars of Mr. Popov (Nikola T.), who expressed with them all the mental manifestations of the person in whose role he played, she was good. We recommend to Mr. Popov a more moderate intonation, because the unnecessary shouts on the stage are his habit.
We want the troupe to choose their plays better. This may be a difficulty given the taste of the current audience, but let it be known that it is not the audience that should create the theater, but the theater should create its audience.
And we are confident that the Plovdiv theater can do that. “
Bulgarian Kingdom newspaper, issue 5 and 6 of November 22 and 29, 1908.

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