project manager – Boris Zafirov
photographer – Kremena Valcheva
designer – Tsveta Ermenkova
social media and advertising – Tinna Panayotova and Maria Pavlova

Stage in the Jazz is a platform for contemporary stage forms based in Bee Bop Cafe (Plovdiv). Since its launching, it has not stopped presenting its audience with a large number of contemporary performances from Sofia and the country. Our signature and priority are the meetings of the artists with the audience. After each performance we talk about life outside the theater and the personal quests of the people on stage.
For the last three years we have hosted performances of TW “Sfumato” (Vasil Duev, Ana Bateva, Vasilena Vincenzo Dimitar Markov), Theater “Replica” (Hovanes Torosiyan, Blagoy Boychev), Theater Company “Momo” (Veselin Dimov, Alexander Mitrev), Play Back Theater “The Theater of Your History”, Tigran Torosyan, DT Lovech (Petko Venelinov), DT “Ivan Radoev” – Pleven (Alexander Kanev), Lyuben Chatalov, Studio Pantarey (Maria Dimitrova), Stand up comedy “Inside Joke”, Art land (Maria Banova), Margarita Petrova, Iliana Gadeleva and others.

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