Today I really want to release this. Part of the research mission of theatrical history met me with many copies of plays, in which I found painted teams, notes, drawings of actors who were bored during rehearsals, jokes, thoughts. To my delight, already preserved and carefully arranged in boxes in one of the attics of the theater. These plays are priceless, they carry the breath of time, information that is sometimes absent in all other sources and the value of manuscripts. Let’s take a look at “Tartuffe”, in pencil in the play I count 1937, and probably restored in 1946. Yesterday marked 60 years since the death of NO Masalitinov, and Bulgarian culture lost Tatiana Lolova. I have my own hypothesis that the artist never dies. He transformed into an energy that continued to infect theatrical fields with pulsations even after his death. Let the memory not allow these pulsations to disappear.

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