According to an old Plovdiv tradition, after the hot summer follows a cool autumn, filled with countless cultural events. This year, for the second time, we at the Theater of Responsibility will be part of this autumn marathon. Between the first and seventh of October will be the second edition of the festival for documentary and socially engaged theater – “Theater of Responsibility – Forum 2018”. During the seven days of the festival we will break the Plovdiv stage with six performances, provoking not only laughter or tears, but also a little thought (we hope that someone still goes to the theater to think). We will live in different spaces and parts of the city, in the direction of modern stage forms. We will introduce you to the documentary theater in Bulgaria and Poland. We give you the opportunity to participate in two workshops completely free of charge.

And what would you do?

Grandma Pepi - Theater of responsibility

The dolphin - kolektiv 1a

What's left - Vox Populi

The odyssey - Georgi Markov

Workshop Inside Outside

Alone - Theater Replica