Georgi Miyatev tried to organize the troupe in Plovdiv in 1925, when for about 30 years this mission became enchanted. Funding is lacking, there is no stage, the repertoire is unclear, the actors are studying, directors are missing, the audience contrasts between their favoritism to the fun and the insult from “unspiritual” plays, the local press as if at war. Short excerpt and original telegram on the topic:
“The Ruse theater was disorganized and the engaged people – without work, but when they came to leave the city and move even their small household items (some of them married with children), they were startled by the new uncertainty. A telegram with a negative answer began to arrive. Well now! I made such a commitment to the mayor, to the councilors, to the citizens, the newspapers announced that the city theater was resumed. What would I answer?…. that the work is secure and the means of subsistence secured.
And finally, after long arrangements, on September 26 the groups from Ruse and Pleven arrived. A few days later, the people engaged by the Union of Artists came from Sofia, together with the future director of the city theater Boris Espe. By October 10, everyone was there. “

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