We grieve over our masks. We celebrate our holidays. We celebrate in our roles. Our celebration is endless, lavish and insatiable. We celebrate even when we are sad. To lose in this exhausting battle with ourselves to hide and surrender to the boat trip on the rivers of the hard to say. “Celebration of Loneliness” is a spontaneous fashion show of the eternal human escape to admit to itself ordinary and, sometimes, distorted fears. It is a meeting of several seemingly insane women who, deep down, no longer want to wear a suit, no matter how beautiful and spectacular it is, and want to smudge their make-up and smile with a smile at their painfully familiar female “problems”. “. Dance in an attempt to glide over the edge of the razor, to let it scratch us and in the frank moment of pain to shine a little more honest and believing. In the celebration of our own loneliness, where we can hear even our most obscure voices, dream our wildest dreams and be closer to the dimensions of naivety and intimacy – in the love of life itself as the only magic potion.

-Katerina Georgieva

A celebration of loneliness

at chamber stage of TR “Sfumato”

9th of March, 2022 from 7:00PM


Katerina Stoyanova

Vasilia Drebova

Denitsa Darinova

Boryana Angelova

Yana Bobeva

Playwright – Katerina Georgieva

Director – Boris Zafirov

Set designer and video artist – Teodor Kiryakov

Composers – Trifon Tashev

Costumes – Maria Vasileva, Shani Ilieva, Georgi Dobrianski and Marian James

Photographer: Ivan Donchew