Smoke in the head 2

 “Smoke in the head” is a spontaneous action in the center of Plovdiv. The group of artists pays attention to the redevelopment of the city and the future problems arising from it.
The means of hybrid stage forms attract the attention of passers-by, and the ultimate goal is to create a ….

A celebration of loneliness

We grieve over our masks. We celebrate our holidays. We celebrate in our roles. Our celebration is endless, lavish and insatiable. We celebrate even when we are sad. To lose in this exhausting battle with ourselves to hide and surrender to the boat trip on the rivers of the hard to say….MORE

The yellow cat

Once upon a time there lived a yellow cat….MORE

Smoke in the head


“Smoke in the head” is a street show – a flash mob, which emphasizes the cultural heritage and in particular the tobacco warehouses. Through the expressive means of clowning and contemporary dance, the attention of passers-by on Ivan Vazov will be attracted by the actors involved in the project. MORE

Theater of responsibility festival 2019

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Theater of responsibility festival 2018

According to an old Plovdiv tradition, after the hot summer follows a cool autumn, filled with countless cultural events. This year, for the second time, we at the Theater of Responsibility will be part of this autumn marathon. Between the first and seventh of October will be the second edition of the festival for documentary and socially engaged theater – “Theater of Responsibility – Forum 2018”. During the seven days of the festival we will break…MORE

Theater of responsibility festival 2017

Theater of Responsibility presents its first event – “Theater of Responsibility – Forum 2017”. The event includes four documentaries; a documentary theater workshop led by Assoc. Prof. Vazkresia Viharova and the participation of acting students from the Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv; seminar on “The social aspect of theater.” The events will be held in different places in the city of Plovdiv – Plovdiv Drama Theater, Hand Puppet and Drama…MORE

Plovdiv Caravana


The workshop is looking for ways to emotionally infect the audience. Messages performed by a chorus of convinced protesters, followers or defenders of a cause can touch the hearts of viewers and turn them into actors in a spectacle.

Leaders of the workshop are Frans Edverard – set designer, plastic specialist and Andreas Christo – actor…MORE


There is joy

Organized by Arts Nomades – Belgium as part of the project “Plovdiv Caravan”.

Over five days (June 12-16, 2019), we explored the ways in which joy can be conveyed in public spaces through the power of the group. The way the words are conveyed through a chorus of convinced protesters, investigators, defenders of a cause, can touch people’s hearts and transform them (perhaps in the way Augusto Boal dreams) into…MORE

Friend request


One of the most remote districts of the city of Plovdiv, Komatevo, sends an “Invitation for Friendship”. There we found an amazing community center, preserving the spirit and traditions of the old days and some wonderful children of the new time. Together with them, we have been collecting the stories of the neighborhood for a month now, which we will recreate on the stage of the…MORE


Strandzha – a multidisciplinary, international project based on interviews and folklore from the Strandzha Mountains. The project was implemented in partnership with the University of the Arts in Zurich, Switzerland. A contemporary, post-dramatic theatrical project that raises questions about the reception of a stranger (refugee) passing through our lands. MORE