6th episode < BURNOUT >

We are on stage with Ivana Boboycheva – actress and Denitsa Kalcheva – public procurement specialist.

We are talking about the show “Burnout” and we are on the stage of the State Puppet Theater Stara Zagora

5th episode < ORANGE SKIN >

We are on stage with Petar Denchev – director and Roza Fileva – psychotherapist. We are talking about the play “Orange Skin” and we are on the stage of “Vazrazhdane” Theater.

4th episode < LAZARITSA >

Dimitar Markov (director and actor) and Vanya Radoeva (teacher) are on stage this time. We are talking about the play “Lazaritsa” on the stage of the Drama Theater “Stefan Kirov” – Sliven. Radichko’s play “Lazaritsa” confronts us with the paradox of human existence. “Man is a cunning and intelligent being, although in his life he is more cunning than trying to perfect his mind. He usually ends up being deceived, but he shouldn’t be told that. “

3rd episode < THE BOWLER HAT >

In the third episode of the series “Who’s on stage?” we meet you with the actress Elin Stoyanova and the educational expert Tihomir Alexiev. We are on the stage of the State Puppet Theater – Plovdiv and we are talking about hats! Well, not just any hats … but hats and caps, because we are discussing the show “The Bowler hat” based on the novel of the same name by Yordan Radichkov.

2nd episode < THE WHITE RAT >

In the second episode we meet the actors Tigran Torosyan and Martin Petkov. Our guest was also the graphic designer Nikolay Evstatiev. In the authentic atmosphere for the Sfumato Theater Workshop, we discussed the performance “The White Rat”.

1st episode < THE TAIL >

In the first episode we meet the actor Adrian Filipov and Ralitsa Kabakchieva – BMW spare parts specialist. We are on the stage of the Drama and Puppet Theater “Ivan Radoev” in Pleven, where we watched the play “The Tail”. Various questions about power, temptation and others related to life inside and outside the theater arose in the discussion.

About "Who is on stage"

“Who’s on stage?” is a project that presents innovative analyzes of contemporary stage forms and dramatic texts through innovative methods. The aim is to meet in a discussion an artist, spectator and moderator – a theatrical scholar, in order to develop all views accurately and to ask questions that often remain unasked.

The project is implemented with the support of the National Culture Fund under the “Critics” program.