Regarding the construction of a Plovdiv theater, the local press shows an enviable zeal and daring attitude:
“Last year’s budget of the district Standing Committee provided for the amount of BGN 500,000 for the District Theater Fund. Of this amount, the Plovdiv City Theater has not received a single penny, something that suggests that this fund is intended exclusively to decorate the cultural pages of the district budget.
The same budget provided for the amount of BGN 300,000 for the maintenance of a car, the same of N.C.V. which the District Council bought. The same one who was a silent spectator of the Arabakonak attack. The above amount was spent, plus another BGN 78,394 for repairs and clearing.
Nobody cares what cultural need the former head of state’s car represents for the District Council. However, no one can stand indifferent to the fact that the District Council has so far failed to excite its cultural understandings in the face of the giant feat of the Plovdiv City Theater, a feat that has long won the hearts of citizens. And if the District Council, based on the economic crisis to which the country is a victim, considers that it is unable to maintain two cultural needs at the same time, we would dare to offer it a simple solution: Sell the car, but keep the theater. ! ”.
Borba newspaper, issue 1465 of March 10, 1926.

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