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THEATER OF RESPONSIBILITY is a project, which aims at building an independent, international, theater platform. Our mission is to create a network of artists and organizations which will unite them around the idea of the socially engaged theater in all of its stage forms- conventional theater, performance, clowning, campaigns, installations etc.


The social functions of the theater and the art, in general, are really important for setting the directions in which a society goes. In many situations, the state and the media refuse to recognize themselves as responsible institutions. In these cases, the theater becomes the missing institution, which tries to find solutions to a specific…


The responsibility is one of the distinctive values of the human, which gives him/her the power to change the reality by taking conscious, consistent actions. The refusal to take responsibility is an act of devolution when it comes to the function and the potential of our existence. The platform has several main goals: initiating annually…


Веселин Георгиев

Мениджър социални медии, реклама / Social Media Manager, Advertising

Георги Иванов

Графичен дизайнер / Graphic Designer

Лилия Секова

Режисьор / Director

Tsveta Ermenkova

Драматург / Dramaturge

Katerina Georgieva

Театрален археолог / Theater archeologist

Boris Zafirov

Режисьор / Director, Мениджър / Manager