Art against redevelopment.
 “Smoke in the head” is a spontaneous action in the center of Plovdiv. The group of artists pays attention to the redevelopment of the city and the future problems arising from it.
The means of hybrid stage forms attract the attention of passers-by, and the ultimate goal is to create a dialogue on the topic.
“Smoke in the head” will appear on the street with the most pedestrians, namely the “main” street in Plovdiv. A place that is known for its architectural problems over the years, as well as a place that brings together people of different ages, social groups, religions, etc. A place that is visited by every Plovdiv resident and guests of the city.
“Smoke in the head” is the second flashmob on the topic, which takes place in the city of Plovdiv. The first was aimed at the crumbling tobacco city and its still unclear fate.

 Performers: Boris Zafirov, Savina Mitrashkova, Stayko Staykov, Plamena Pencheva, Nikolay Shopov
Set designer: Victoria Yankova
Director: Boris Zafirov