Probably those of you who are already passionate about the chronicles are wondering why lately you receive less special shipments. I will tell you now. As I already told you, we are preparing to release something really exciting. And cooking is slow, the spices must be well selected and the burning temperature strong enough. The manuscript of Georgi Miyatev, a long-time actor and leader not only of the Plovdiv troupe, but also a pioneer and guardian of the memory of the entire Bulgarian theater, is simmering for publication. Entering the Plovdiv stage as far back as 1894, when the fire was still burning, he began diligently and independently collecting materials related to the development of theatrical work. One such, not any, but material of about 300 pages, is the Manuscript. In order not to publish more, but to leave you trembling, I am releasing a “piece” from the personal fund of the actor, which is friendly kept in the National Library – Ivan Vazov (by the way, there is such a fund in the State Archives – Plovdiv, but for that another time).
This is the personal notice written by hand to the editorial office of Naroden Glas for upcoming performances at the Luxembourg Theater, the year is 1882. Tickets can also be found in the bookstore of Hristo G. Danov.
Is it exciting?

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