The workshop is looking for ways to emotionally infect the audience. Messages performed by a chorus of convinced protesters, followers or defenders of a cause can touch the hearts of viewers and turn them into actors in a spectacle.

Leaders of the workshop are Frans Edverard – set designer, plastic specialist and Andreas Christo – actor, outdoor theater specialist and small form theater. For 15 years, the two participated in directing the traveling theater.

The form of theater in public space that the Belgian traveling theater Arts Nomades offers is a combination of performance and invisible theater. For years, the company’s projects have used characters born of our collective unconscious.



The workshop is led by the Swiss traveling theater les artpenteurs, with artistic directors and co-founders Chantal Bianchi and Thierry Crosa. The purpose of their participation in the workshops is to work on Homer’s Odyssey. Bulgarian and French translations will be compared and reading aloud, pronouncing texts and rhythmic spelling will be practiced.

Their approach is to send a free, cheerful and rebellious message by creating magical and satirical worlds. The artistic team is socially engaged and combines different genres such as comedy, masquerade, non-verbal theater, poetry, music, songs and humor. With their project, artpenteurs reach people in their immediate living environment, share with them their hospitality at the crossroads between art, idea and fun.


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