Here is a little prehistory of the theatrical work in Plovdiv, which happened not anywhere, but at the foot of the beautiful and poetic Old Town:
Holy Trinity School, built by Dusho Hadji Dekov. Here in 1866 was the first theatrical performance in Plovdiv. Here is what Georgi Miyatev writes in his theatrical manuscript, which we are actively working on and preparing for publication:
“Conditions for this were created in the newly built in 1865. Holy Trinity School at the foot of Jambaz Tepe, in the middle of the Greek neighborhood. In the spring of 1866 a group of young people – students and citizens, led by teacher Matevski, presented in the school hall The drama “Mnogostradalna Genoveva.” Here is what the then student and now living Plovdiv resident Valko Ivanov, a bookseller born in 1843, tells about this case: “I was a clerk at the Agricultural Fund and at the same time a student at Joakim Gruev’s school. Hadji Dyakov from the town of Chirpan, a trader in timber, Dimitar Matevski from the village of Merchileri, a teacher and Petraki Avradaliyata from the town of Plovdiv, a trader in haberdashery Students from the same school and others, under the guidance of teacher Matevski, hall of the newly built school “Holy Trinity” drama “Genoveva”, so that the income to cover the debt on the building of the school.I played a priest in the play and took clothes from the Greek priest Georg and Sakelari from the Greek church “St. Marina “
Here is the school and the two rare preserved photos, for which I thank my faithful in this archival case Vlado Balchev, who with jealousy and heartfelt criticism shares my story and informs me about things I have not heard.

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